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Clumsy Ninja

posted Oct 2, 2014, 6:48 AM by Barny CK

Clumsy Ninja is an interactive entertainment adventure game. The game focuses on a ninja which you will have to train so that he will become less clumsy. At first glance, Clumsy Ninja looks to me like Talking Tom but instead of feeding him, playing with him or bringing him to the loo, you train him up, quite literally. 

There are over 100 items that you can use to train him up starting with a punching bag. I'm quite surprised at the way the developers have thought of simple items that can be used to train a ninja up, like balloons. Apparently balloons can train a ninja to become less clumsy. 

The game is critically acclaimed, receiving more than 10 millions downloads in its first week of release. Clumsy Ninja is published by Naturalmotion in 2013 and is the first mobile game to use the euphoria game engine, which was developed in house. Personally, I thought this game was kinda cute. Although I didn't warm up to the game immediately, I sensed a very nice personal touch given by the developers to this game. The change from having a downright out of balance ninja to a skilled ninja is very subtle but convincingly believable. Also, ninja boy likes to get a high five from me. 

Clumsy Ninja is available on iOS and Android.