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How to make Origami

posted Feb 5, 2015, 10:01 AM by Barny CK

Continuing from Photo Posing Ideas, How to make Origami by Sergey Burlakov does not deviate much from the Posing app. Simple and concise, the app is very focused on it's objective, which is to teach. However, there are some neat animation to make the teaching effective. 

Upon installation, there are some basic shapes with which to make, such as Birds, Boats, Clothes, Flowers and many others. There's even a difficulty rating on each shape. For instance, the Pigeon 2 is given a Middle or intermediate difficulty rating. Let the fun begin!

I kinda like the illustration and animation is played out where it is needed. I guess action speaks louder than words. 
 Look at the attention to detail. 

 Draw some eyes, and the pigeon is complete! YAY!

Notice in the beginning, there appears to be only 1 type of Origami bird to make? Well, if you like this app, you make in-app purchase to buy some more origami models. Clever marketing!

And yes, care to download some more apps by Sergey Burlakov?

How to make Origami is available on iOS.