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Instagram unveils Hyperlapse

posted Aug 26, 2014, 7:08 PM by Barny CK
Instagram has launched Hyperlapse, a time-lapse video creation app. The new app is a stand-alone app and is the second stand-alone app to be launched after Facebook's acquisition of the company. What this app can do is to record video of a certain length and then condense it into another with a shorter length. Hyperlapse is able to record up to 45 minutes of video and give it a nearly 4 minutes time-lapsed video that looks like it was professionally shot. The technology involved is pretty groundbreaking as the Instagram team have managed to utilise the phone's gyroscope to stabilize the final video. The app layout is also very clean and simplistic. When you first launch the app, there will several tutorial slides on how to use the app. After that, it's just a big round button to start the recording process. When you are done, the app will provide you with only one option of customisation; speed. Basically, it's just an option for the level of condensity. Currently, Hyperlapse is available for free on iOS but there has not been any word about the availability on Android.