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Photo Posing Ideas

posted Feb 3, 2015, 10:14 AM by Barny CK
You know, the App Store is so vast and there are just so many apps that there is practically any app for just about anything, including photo posing tips. Photo Posing Ideas by Sergey Burlakov is just that app. Just touch the "Poses" button and the app will bring you to the different categories you or your kids (assuming you have kids) can try to pose for a neat little picture. 

There's a category for couples, kids, men, pregnant women and, what else? Women, not pregnant women. Tap in, and you will get some nicely drawn pictures of people posing. And that's all. Yeah...

Oh, but if you would like to tag some pictures as your favourites, you may do so. I think the beauty of this app  is that with all the endless types of apps with complex algorithm and functions, it's nice to have some really simple apps that just, well, give tips about things, just about anything. There are also other apps made by Sergey Burlakov that just teaches you how to do some things such as How to Make Origami, How to Tie a Tie and many more. 

I've just downloaded How to Make Origami and at first glance, it's a pretty interesting app but I leave that review for next time. Until then, ADIOS!

Photo Posing Ideas by Sergey Burlakov is available on iOS.