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Swing Copters is even harder than Flappy Bird

posted Aug 24, 2014, 10:31 AM by Barny CK
Dong Nguyen, the creator of Flappy Bird has released a sequel to Flappy Bird and it's called Swing Copters. AND it's even harder to play. Swinging Copters follows the same premise of Flappy Bird; constant manoeuvre and don't die. While Flappy Bird must fly in a horizontal  direction and avoid crashing into vertical pipes or obstacle, Swinging Copters goes the other way around by flying vertically and avoiding horizontal obstacle, in the form of barriers and hammers.  And its the latter that I hate more. With each tap on the screen, the creature copter will fly either to the left or to the right. But with any touch, any slightest touch on anything, even the edge of the screen spells GAME OVER. What's hard about this game is the absence of gravity. In Flappy Bird, we know that if you don't flap, gravity will the pull the bird down. That is the law of physics. But in Swing Copters, well, it's a copter so you don't need to worry about gravity and the copter (is that a copter or a wormish chopper?). All you need to worry is the flight to the left or to the right. And this is where I'm confused. Does a tap means a change of direction? Sometimes, I'm flying left but the next tap don't necessary bring me right.  This is what I hate most but the more I play it, the more I feel I think I can master the game. My first earned point says it all. 
Or so I thought, because the next round I played, I'm back to square one; earning no points.
Overall in graphic, Swing Copters faithfully follow its predecessor. Although there is no more controversial graphics which bear similarities to Nintendo's Super Mario, Swinging Copters managed to retain its identity with its trademark menu interface and score display. 

So as I continued to play it, I suddenly earned 1 point again and I now feel that Swinging Copters can be conquered; I think there's some rhythm that is somehow required to be mastered before winning this game (earning the highest score). With that in mind, Dong Nguyen has released yet another masterpiece.