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Thunder Raid

posted Sep 23, 2014, 8:01 AM by Barny CK
A funky shooting game. Let the destruction begin! That's what's written at the website for Tencent Games with the release of their latest game, Thunder Raid. Thunder Raid is essentially a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up game. Playing Thunder Raid brings back fond memories of my playing "1942" when I was a kid. The graphic is soft, nice and colourful plus the shooting effects are better than its 1984 counterpart. Which counterpart? "1942" that's what I mean! Are the younger generation getting confused now? Hehe...
So the basic gameplay is very simple and straightforward. But being a new phone apps game, there's got to be something extra. That extra is the in apps purchases, purchases to upgrade the plane, weaponry and even addition of game life. Of course, you don't directly purchase these upgrades. There are coins, EPs and diamonds that are the currencies for the game that you'll  need to purchase. The coins can then be used to purchase the plane's upgrades and also the EPs and the diamonds. EPs are your 'life' for playing. So once you run out of EPs, you can't play the game for the day and you'll have to wait the next day. Diamonds are kinda like the immediate EPs for you to resume playing at the moment when your plane is shot down. 
But I think the best part of the game is that you can view your friend's score for the week and compete with them directly. And then there's a feature that lets you combine your plane with your friend's to give your mission a boost in firepower. Of course, such feature consumes diamonds too. 
Thunder Raid is very much an enjoyable game to pass time. Its classical gameplay is simple to master and yet combines many elements of a mobile phone game. So let's not waste anymore time and destroy them all!
Thunder Raid is available on iOS and Android and you can download it at