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Tom Hanks produces the Hanx Writer app

posted Aug 18, 2014, 7:06 PM by Barny CK
Yet another celebrity have jumped onto the mobile app bandwagon and this time it's Tom Hanks! Tom Hanks is an ardent typewriter collector and he has collaborated with, Inc. to produce Hanx Writer. Hanx Writer is currently available on the iPad and is basically a typewriter on the iPad. Well, I think it works like a keyboard app, just that it's not a keyboard feature; it's a standalone app. You basically open Hanx Writer up, type a note and send it along via Messages or Email. Not that it's a convenient way to go but the sentimental value is tremendous. Currently, Hanx Writer is topping the chart at the App Store. Hanx Writer is free to download and comes with all the basic feature. But then you can also purchase other "typewriters" with different ribbon colours, which basically means different text colour. Actually, typewriter apps is not uncommon but Tom Hanks have managed to recreate the look, feel and sound of a typewriter to give users a great experience. Even the different types of typewriter sounds different and the keystroke really feels pleasurable. Oh yeah, and there's a Delete (Backspace) key! 

Hanx Writer can be downloaded here