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Apple & IBM showcase 3 new apps at MWC

posted Mar 2, 2015, 9:41 PM by Barny CK
The Apple-IBM partnership that started last year has yielded several more enterprise-friendly apps, which the companies have announced in Barcelona. The collaboration is an opportunity for the two tech giants to meld consumer design with enterprise know-how, creating workplace softwares that are clunky free and user friendly. At the Mobile World Congress, 3 new apps are introduced to a pool of 10 apps that was introduced at the launch of the partnership. 

Passenger Care

The Passenger Care service tool is designed to turn a flight delay/cancellation/reschedule into a less stressful event. With this app, airline employees could either manage a crowd or individual in a most efficient and perhaps most comfortable way.

Dynamic Buy 

This buyer app is designed to help retail buyers in a spot purchase, arming them with prior knowledge of product availability and inventory requirements in real time. It is hoped that such an app could land a buy with the best deal without double booking or competing against each other. 

Advisor Alert

This wealth management app is designed to help financial advisors service their clients better using analytical data. The app is able to crunch some figures and offer the best course for a given client.