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Facebook splits 'Messenger' from 'Facebook'

posted Aug 10, 2014, 9:06 PM by Barny CK
If you haven't already know, Facebook is spinning off its Messenger app as a standalone app. Talks about separating it from 'Facebook' app have been rife for several months and last weekend, it came into effect for some users in the US. The split will effect mobile iOS and Android users in stages. iPad and Windows phone users will be spared however. First, users will be reminded and encouraged to download Messenger. After a seven-day grace period, sending and receiving messages via 'Facebook' will be disallowed and users will have to download Messenger in order to send private messages via the phone. Messenger have since climbed  to the top spot of most downloaded free app on the Apple App Store but in an amusing twist, it recorded a one and half star rating as users are unhappy with the split.