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Microsoft to release a new browser

posted Dec 29, 2014, 8:02 PM by Barny CK
Microsoft is working on a new lightweight browser codenamed "Spartan". The new browswer dispels rumour that "Spartan" will be the next version of the Internet Explorer. In fact, both IE and Spartan will exist side by side for backward-compatibility sake. Spartan is expected to be bundled with the new Windows 10. Though Spartan will look and feel more like Chrome or Firefox, underneath the hood, the browser will still use Microsoft's Chakra Javascript engine & Trident rendering engine. Meanwhile, Chrome and other browsers uses WebKit as the underlying rendering engine. Spartan however will support extensions. Rumour also has it that Microsoft may unveil Spartan at a preview on January 21 next year when it will show off the next major version of its Windows 10 software.