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Microsoft unveils Windows 10

posted Oct 1, 2014, 9:10 AM by Barny CK

Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled its next operating system, the Windows 10. The naming convention surprised many as it bypassed the number 9; Windows 10 supercedes Windows 8. But Windows chief Terry Myerson said that the version is the most comprehensive platform that it is more than a '9'. The software which is expected to be released late next year, runs across various platforms, smartphones, tablets, PCs and servers. With that, Windows 10 will also be the next major OS release for Windows Phone. Such a move is indeed welcomed as it gives users a more cohesive experience and apps that run on the phone or tablet can also be run on a PC and vice versa. 

The Return of the Start button and Search function
Visually, Windows 10 resembles Windows 7 with a slight touch of Windows 8. The Start button and Search function has returned. This has been a sore point for some Win 8 users and has caused Microsoft dearly due to users reverting back to Win 7. The Search function is further improved in that it can also do an internet search right from the Start menu option. The tiles which were Win 8's signature feature are tucked inside the menu option as well and are customisable. 

Task View and Virtual Desktop
Win 10's task view this time is arranged to facilitate users to multitask more conveniently. There's also Virtual Desktops that users can create to, for example, separate work apps from entertainment or personal programs and users can jump between them easily. Microsoft didn't officially give the feature a name but it's kinda like the long used multiple desktop on Linux and Exposé on Mac OS X. 

Task View on Windows 10

Virtual Desktop on Windows 10

Windows 8 flopped but it is not because it is not good. In fact, Windows 8 which was designed for tablet or touch screen experience are good for that but it alienated desktop users, who promptly converted back to Windows 7. This time around, Microsoft said Windows 10 is solving the problem by introducing the continuum approach that allows seamless switching between tablet view to standard (desktop) view. How this is done was not publicly unveiled.

And then there's the old school command prompt

You can now ctrl-v in DOS mode. Why this is news? Because I'm old school (^_-)V

Windows Insider Program
Microsoft hasn't yet finished working on Windows 10 but they are inviting the public, mainly software developers, to enroll in the Windows Insider Program. This is like Apple's OS X Yosemite Beta program whereby the public can download, install and run Win 10 beta version and then give Microsoft feedback and suggestion so that Microsoft can further fine tune the software.