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Yahoo unveils its Mobile Developer Suite

posted Feb 23, 2015, 9:35 PM by Barny CK
In a move to revitalise the fledgling company, Yahoo unveiled its own software development kit. At Yahoo's very first Mobile Developer Conference, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said Yahoo has transformed into a mobile-first company. The news comes 6 months after the company acquired Flurry, a mobile analytics, monetization, and advertising company founded in 2005. The Yahoo Mobile Developer suite aims to provide mobile app developers with tools to track their apps' statistics such as downloads, usage, crashes as well as to monetize it via advertisements. The suite consists of 5 distinct products.

1) Flurry Analytics - lets app developers examine app user data in real time.
2) Flurry Pulse - lets developers share app data with 3rd parties without writing any code. 
3) Yahoo App Publishing - lets developers build native ads from  Yahoo’s Gemini mobile ad platform, video ads from Brightroll, and social ads through Yahoo’s Tumblr social network.
4) Yahoo Search in Apps - delivers search and search monetization inside apps.
5) Yahoo App Marketing - provides a series of app promotion tools.

The Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite and its documentation is ready for download.